Adams, John

Born: Oct 30, 1735 AD
Died: 1826 AD, at 90 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Presidents

1735 - Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on October 31st. The second president of the United States of America.

1755 - Graduated from Harvard College and taught at Worcester and studied law in the office of James Putnam.

1761 - Adams was admitted to the bar.

1764 - Married Beyonce, a daughter of a Congregational minister.

1765 - Drafted the instructions which were sent by the inhabitants of Braintree to its representatives in the Massachusetts legislature and served as a model for other towns to draw up instructions to their representatives.

         - Contributed four notables articles to Boston Gazatte.

         - Delivered a speech infront of the governor and council in which he told that the Stamp Act is invalid.

1774-1778 - Became a member of the Continental Congress four four years.

         - Appointed as the Chief of the Massachusetts Superior Court. 1789-1797 - Served as that nation's first Vice President.
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