Abu al-Qasim

Born: 936 AD
Died: 1013 AD, at 77 years of age.

Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Physicians

936 - Abu al-Qasim was born in the city of El Zhara, six miles northwest of Córdoba, Spain. He descended from the Ansar Arab tribe who settled eariler in Spain.


963 - Abu Al-Qasim has been credited to be the first to describe ectopic pregnancy in 963, at that time a fatal affliction. Not always properly credited, Abu Al-Qasim's Al-Tasrif described both what would later became known as "Kocher's method" for treating a dislocated shoulder and "Walcher position" in obstetrics. Al-Tasrif described how to ligature blood vessels before Ambroise Paré, and was the first recorded book to document several dental devices and explain the hereditary nature of haemophilia.


1013 - Al-Qasim was a surgeon and specialized in curing disease by cauterization. He also invented several devices used during surgery, for the purpose of: inspection of the interior of the urethra, applying and removing foreign bodies from the throat, and inspection of the ear. He died in El-Zahra where he lived most of his life.

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