Abbott, John Joseph Caldwell

Born: Mar 12, 1821 AD
Died: 1893 AD, at 72 years of age.

Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Prime Ministers

1821 - Born in St. Andrews, Lower Canadato Rev. Joseph Abbott and Harriet Bradford, on March 12, 1821.


1838 - He began work at age 17 with A. Laurie and Company, a Montreal wholesale and retail dry-goods firm. He did everything from selling cloth to packing apples.


1843 - He went back to Montreal to study at McGill College. At the same time he read law with William Collis Meredith and Strachan Bethune (his future brother-in-law).


1847 - On his admission to the bar on 25 Oct. 1847 he entered into partnership with William Badgley, professor of law at McGill.


1849 - Abbott married Mary Bethune. The couple had four children. He was a successful Montreal corporate lawyer and businessman. He signed the Montreal Annexation Manifesto calling for Canada to join the United

States, an action which later in life, he regretted as a youthful error. He eventually joined the Loyal Orange Lodge of British North America, well known as a pro-British organization.


1854 - Graduated from University of McGill College with a degree in bachelor of Civil Law.


1860 - He was one of the founders of the Art Association of Montreal.


1873 - Elected M.P for Argenteuil and was integral in the Pacific Scandal (1873), when incriminating documents were stolen from his office and handed over to the newly-formed Liberal Party (formerly the Reform Party).


1881 - He was appointed to the board of governors of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning.


1887-1888 - He was appointed to the Senate and elected as Mayor of Montreal, Quebec.


1891 - Elected as Prime Minister following the death of Sir John A. MacDonald. His contribution are: reformed the civil service; revised the criminal code and signed a reciprocity treaty with the United States.


1892 - Suffering from the early stages of cancer of the brain, Abbott's health failed and he retired to private life, whereupon Thompson finally became Prime Minister.


1893 - Abbott died less than a year later at the age of 72 on October 30, 1893. He was buried in the Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec. Abbott was the first Prime Minister to lead the country from the Senate.

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