Aanrud, Hans

Born: Sep 03, 1863 AD
Died: 1953 AD, at 89 years of age.

Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Authors

1863 - Born on September 3rd in Auggedalen, a valley in Gausdal, close to Gudbrandsdal.

1895 - He wrote the well-known comedy, Storken (The Stork).

         - He cultivated the novel, the short narrative and the drama, through whose sorts he described, with patetismo in which is not absent a fine humor, the life of the farmers of his country.

1896 - He wrote the novel "In Vinternat" (One night of winter).

1901 - He wrote the novel "Seminaristen" (The Seminarista).

1906 - Wrote the famous comedy "Hanen" (The Rooster).


1953 - Died on January 11th.




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