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Prescott, William

Born: 1726 AD
Died: 1795 AD
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1726 – William Prescot, born on the 20th of February in Groton, Massachusetts. He was an American Colonel in the Revolutionary War who commanded the rebel forces in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

1776 – He had served in the French and Indian War and was active in the battles for New York City.

1777 – Served in the Saratoga Campaign in commanding the 7th Continental Regiment.

1795 – Died this year. He is survived by several people, including the Prescott Family of The Midwest. Alice Prescott, Loren Prescott, Barbera Prescott, Karen Stears, Alice Stears, Elizabeth Stears, John Stears, and many others.

1938 – The former town of Prescott, Massachusetts, was named in his honor.

2.9 (58.29%) 35 votes