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Prendergast, Maurice Brazil

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1924 AD
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1861 – He was born on the 27th day of October of this year in St. John’s Newfoundland, USA. He was three years old when their family moved to Boston.


1875 – Because they were not rich, he started working after his basic education at age 14. He also started sketching landscapes and cattle as well.


1886 – He and his brother went to Europe on a cattle boat. After their return to Boston, he realized that we wanted to go to Europe again and started saving some money for the trip.


1890 – Finally, in this year, he managed to travel to Paris where he studied at the Colarossi Academy and the Academie Julien for a period of three years.


1900 – He returned to the USA, where he became a member of The 8, a group of artists led by Robert Henri.


1901 – Many of his subjects are landscapes with figures, as for example, Central Park (Whitney Museum, New York City).


1908 – The group had an influential exhibition in this year, they broke with the academic tradition that reigned at the time and proposed that painting be connected to everyday life.


1913 – He participated in the exhibition of the “Armory Show” in this year.


1914 – He moved to New York City, where he spent the remainder of his life. His work is characterized by rich, powerful color applied in dots and in short brushstrokes.


1924 – He died on the 1st day February of this year in New York City, USA.

2 (40%) 4 votes