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Platon (Pyotr Levshin)

Born: 1737 AD
Died: 1812 AD, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Socialite


1737 - Born at Chashnikovo near Moscow on the 29th of June.

1757 - He was appointed instructor in Greek and rhetoric at the latter institution, and became distinguished as a pulpit orator.

1761 - He became a monk, adopting the name of Platon, and was made rector of the seminary of the monastery.

1773 - Platon remained at the Russian court, winning the admiration of even Voltaire, until the marriage of the heir apparent to Maria Feodorovna, daughter of Duke Eugene of Württemberg.

1765 - He published, for the use of his royal pupil, his Orthodox Doctrine: or, A short Compend of Christian Theology, in which the influence of Western thought, and even of rationalism, may be distinctly traced.

1768 - Platon became a member of the Holy Synod.

1770 - He was made bishop of Tver, though he still remained at St. Petersburg, finally being the religious instructor of the new grand duchess.

1775 - He was enthroned archbishop of Moscow, and throughout the reigns of Catherine II, Paul, and Alexander I diligently promoted the religious, moral, intellectual, and material welfare of his archdiocese, maintaining meanwhile an unceasing literary activity.

         - He issued a catechism for the use of the clergy.

1787 - Platon reluctantly consented to become metropolitan of Moscow.

1797-1801 - Platon who crowned both Paul and Alexander I, but despite his close and cordial relations with the court he preserved to the last his firmness and his independence.

         - The collected works of Platon were published at Moscow in twenty volumes, the greater portion of these writings being sermons, of which there are about 500.

1812 - Died on the 11th of November.


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