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Piaf, Edith

Born: 1915 AD
Died: 1963 AD
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1915 – He was born on the 19th day of December this year in Belleville, Paris, France.


1929 – At fourteen, she joined her father in his acrobatic street performances. She then took a room at Grand Hôtel de Clermont and separated from him, going her own way as a street singer in Pigalle, Ménilmontant, and the Paris suburbs.


1935 – She was discovered by the nightclub owner Louis Leplée, whose club was frequented by the upper and lower classes alike.


1940 – Jean Cocteau wrote the successful play Le Bel Indifférent, intended for her as the star. She began to make friends with famous people, such as the actor Maurice Chevalier and the poet Jacques Borgeat.


1944 – She discovered Yves Montand in Paris, made him part of her act, and became his mentor and lover.


1946 – She became more famous with her song "La vie en rose" in this year.


1951 – She was involved in a car accident, and thereafter had difficulty breaking a serious morphine addiction.


1952 – She married the singer named Jacques Pill and divorced in 1956.


1956 – Her popularity in the United States was such that she appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show eight times and at Carnegie Hall twice.


1962 – She married Theo Serapo this year. By all accounts he was very taken with her and doted on her till the end.


1963 – She died on the 11th day of October this year in Placassier, France.


















2.5 (50.91%) 11 votes