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Born: 2700 AD
Died: 6600 AD
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27 A.D – He was a noted satirist born this year. He is identified with Gaius Petronius Arbiter, but the manuscript text of the Satyricon calls him Titus Petronius.


54 A.D – Nero had become emperor in this year, and his interest in theater and luxury led him to appoint a courtier named Petronius (praenomen probably Titus or possibly Gaius) as his Arbiter elegantiae or judge of elegance.


61 A.D – Nero was capricious, however, and his favor was uncertain; the jealousy of a rival led to Petroniu’s downfall. He fled to Cumae before Nero’s cronies caught up with him. There he wrote out a full description of the emperor’s many debaucheries and crimes, entertained his friends, and broke his signet ring to avoid its being used to endanger others.


66 A.D – Petronius then opened his veins and bled to death in this year, evading Nero through suicide. His most famous work, "The Satyricon" was not published until 1664.

2.9 (57.33%) 15 votes