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Petar II Petrovi Njegos (Petar II Petrovi Njegos)

Born: 1813 AD
Died: 1851 AD, at 37 years of age.

Nationality: Montenegrin
Categories: None


1813 - Born on the 13th of  November in the village of Njegusi.

1825 - His uncle Prince-Bishop Peter I sent him to the monastery of Cetinje as his successor to be tutored by a monk, Misail Cvetkovi and the Prince-Bishop's secretary, Jakoov Cek.

1829 - He remained in Tople, when he returned to Montenegro's capital, Cetinje.

1827 - On the 20th of January, Prince-Bishop Petar I nominated Radivoje as his successor instead of orije Savov, who went to the Russian Empire and became a cavalry officer.

1829 - Rade gave Sima numerous national poems he collected.

1830 - On the 22nd of November, Prince-Bishop Rade wrote a letter to Jeremija Gagi regarding the Governor's rebellion.

1831 - On the 31st of January on the island of Kom in the Monastery of Vranjina, the Archbishop of Rascia-Prizren declared him as the official Archimandrite.

1832 - Petar fully cancelled governorship, therefore affirming full power over Montenegro.

1833 - He visited the Russian Czardom, after a brief stop in Vienna, where he was accepted into Ecclesiastical service as Prince-Bishop of Montenegro in Saint Petersburg, the Empire's capital.

1836 - He paid another visit to the Russian Empire, again making a short stop in Vienna.

         - He published The ABC of the Serbian language.

         - He also published The Serbian Grammar.

1846- 1847 - Peter II was in Vienna, the Austrian Imperial capital.

1848 - The government of the Principality of Serbia sent him the proposal of unification of Serbs, Croats and Bulgarians.

1851 - Died in Cetinje of tuberculosis on the 31st of October.


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