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Born: 3400 AD
Died: 6200 AD
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34 – Persius was born in Volterra, of good stock on both parents’ side.

40 – When six years old he lost his father.

46 – At the age of twelve Persius came to Rome, where he was taught by Remmius Palaemon and the rhetor Verginius Flavus.

50 – Persius began a close friendship with the Stoic Lucius Annaeus Cornutus. One of the philosopher’s pupils, Lucan, became a generous admirer of all Persius wrote. While still a youth, he became the friend of the lyric poet Caesius Bassus, whilst with Thrasea Paetus (whose wife Arria was a relative) he had a close friendship of ten years’ duration and shared travels. Later, he met Seneca, but was not impressed by his genius.

62 – Persius died because of a stomach ailment. He has been described as having "a gentle disposition, girlish modesty and personal beauty", and is said to have lived a life of exemplary devotion towards his mother Fulvia Sisenna, his sister and his aunt. To his mother and sister he left his considerable fortune. Cornutus suppressed all his work except the satires, to which he made some slight alterations before handing it over to Bassus for editing. It proved an immediate success.

2.8 (56.8%) 75 votes