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Perrault, Charles

Born: 1628 AD
Died: 1703 AD
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1628 – Born on January 12th in Paris, France. French author who wrote the Tales of Mother Goose.

1651 – He took his degree of licencié en droit at Orleans and was almost immediately called to the Paris bar, where, however, he practiced for a very short time.

1663 – He was chosen by Colbert as his secretary to assist and advise him in matters relating to the arts and sciences, not forgetting literature.

1671 – He was controller-general of the department of public works, member of the commission that afterwards developed into the Académie des Inscriptions, and was admitted to the Académie Française.

1683 – The end of Perrault’s official career, and he then gave himself up to literature, beginning with Saint Paulin évêque de Nole, avec une épître chrétienne sur la pénitence, et une ode aux nouveaux convertis.

1688 – Perrault had ideas and a will of his own, and he published (4 vols.) his Parallèle des anciens et des modernes.

1691-1694 – The first of Perrault’s contes, Grisélidis, which is in verse, appeared and was reprinted with Peau d’âne and Les Souhaits ridicules, also in verse, in a Recueil de pièces curieuses — published at The Hague.

1697 – Perrault was no poet, and the merit of these pieces is entirely obscured by that of the prose tales, La Belle au bois dormant, Petit chaperon rouge, La Barbe bleue, Le Chat botté, Les Fées, Cendrillon, Riquet à la houppe and Le Petit poucet, which appeared in a volume with the title page, and with the general title of Histoires ou contes du temps passé avec des moralités. The frontispiece contained a placard with the inscription, "Contes de ma mère l’oie" ("Tales of Mother Goose").

1703 – He died on the 16th of May, in Paris. His son, Perrault d’Arma-Court, was the author of a well-known book, Contes des fées, containing the story of Cinderella, etc.

2.5 (50%) 4 votes