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Peron [Sosa], Juan Domingo

Born: 1895 AD
Died: 1975 AD, at 79 years of age.

Nationality: Argentinian
Categories: Politicial Adviser, Presidents


1895 - Born in Lobos, Buenos Aires; birth of an Argentine army officer and politician


1912 - at age 16, he joined the Military School


1938 - was deployed to Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Albania, and Yugoslavia as military observer


1943 - colonel during the miltary coup by the United Officers' Group


1944 - vice-president and Secretary of War in February


1945 - forced resignation due to the opposition within the armed forces on October 9



- president of Argentina garnering 56% of the votes on February 24 (two terms)

- pushed through with the social policies to empower the labor class

- assisted in the establishment of the General Confederation of Labour

- promoted an industrialized Argentina



- exiled in Paraguay

- later lived in Panama and met Maria Estela Martinez, a nightclun bolero singer

- he settled in Madrid, Spain and married Maria in 1961



- president of Argentina for the third time along with vice-president Maria 'Isabela' Peron


1974 - after years of presiding a conflict-ridden government, Peron died on July 1

- was buried in La Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires


1987 - his hands (of his corpse) were stolen


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