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Peano, Giuseppe

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1932 AD
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1858 – Born on August 27th in Cuneo, Sardinia. Italian mathematician and a founder of symbolic logic whose interests centred on the foundations of mathematics and on the development of a formal logical language.

1884-1890 – Peano became a lecturer of infinitesimal calculus at the University of Turin and a professor.

         – He also held the post of professor at the Accademia Militare in Turin.

         – Peano’s Calcolo differenziale e principii di calcolo integrale (“Differential Calculus and Principles of Integral Calculus”) and Lezioni di analisi infinitesimale, 2 vol. (“Lessons of Infinitesimal Analysis”), are two of the most important works on the development of the general theory of functions since the work of the French mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy.

1894-1908 – His Formulaire de mathématiques (Italian Formulario mathematico, “Mathematical Formulary”), published with collaborators, was intended to develop mathematics in its entirety from its fundamental postulates, using Peano’s logic notation and his simplified international language.

1915 – Peano compiled a Vocabulario de Interlingua and was for a time president of the Academia pro Interlingua.

1932 – Died on April 20th in Turin, Italy.

3 (60%) 4 votes