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Paul VI

Born: 1897 AD
Died: 1978 AD
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1897 – He was born Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini on the 26th day of September this year in Concesio, Italy.


1916 – He entered the seminary to train to become a Roman Catholic priest in this year.


1920 – He was ordained priest this year. He took the solemn oath against Modernism before an open tabernacle initiated by Pope St. Pius X. He studied at the Gregorian University, the University of Rome, and the Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici.


1937 – He was named Substitute for Ordinary Affairs under Cardinal Pacelli, the Secretary of State under Pope Pius XI.


1944 – The Secretary of State died, the role was assumed directly by the pope, with Montini working directly under him.


1954 – Montini was appointed in this year, to the senior Italian church post of Archbishop of Milan.


1963 – On the 21st of June this year, his papacy began, when John died of stomach cancer on the 3rd of June this year. Montini was elected to the papacy in the following conclave. He took the name Paul VI.


1965 – He brought the Second Vatican Council to completion in this year and directed the implementation of its goals until his death.


1978 – He died at age 80 on the 6th day of August this year in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

2.9 (58.46%) 13 votes