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Pattison, Mark

Born: 1813 AD
Died: 1884 AD
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1813 – Born on the 10th of October.  

1832 – He matriculated at Oriel College, Oxford.

1836 – He took his B.A. degree with second-class honours.

1839 – He was elected to a Yorkshire fellowship at Lincoln, an anti-Puseyite College.

1843 – He was ordained priest and in the same year became tutor of Lincoln College, where he rapidly made a reputation as a clear and stimulating teacher and as a sympathetic friend of youth.

1855 – He resigned the tutorship, travelled to Germany to investigate Continental systems of education, and began his researches into the lives of Isaac Casaubon and Joseph Justus Scaliger, which occupied the remainder of his life.

1861 – He was at last elected rector of Lincoln, marrying in the same year Emily Francis Strong.

He contributed largely to various reviews on literary subjects, and took a considerable interest in social science, even presiding over a section at a congress.

1875 – His biography of Isaac Casaubon

1879 – He also wrote about John Milton in Macmillan’s English Men of Letters series.

1884 – Died on the 30th of July 30, 1884

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