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Patrick, Robert

Born: 1958 AD
Currently alive, at 60 years of age.
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1958 – Robert Patrick was born on the 5th of November in Marietta, Georgia to Robert, a banker, and Nadine, a homemaker. The oldest of 5 children, Robert got his first taste of acting and his first experience with creative input when he starred in a third grade production of Peter Pan and refused to wear green tights.

1984 – When he was 26 years old, a near-fatal drowning accident on Lake Erie caused him to reassess his life, quit his house painting job in Cleveland and move to Los Angeles to1wba.jpg (11596 bytes) pursue acting.  He lived out of his car for awhile, then got a part in a play.  After six months, he was cast in the first of a number of Roger Corman movies.

1990 – Married his longtime girlfriend, Barbara Hooper, during the T2 shoot on the 24th of November.

1991 – His big break came when he was cast in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day as the T-1000 villain opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2000 – When Chris Carter had a need to fill a well-defined lead role on The X-Files, he immediately thought of Robert who had auditioned for a role on Harsh Realm.  But Patrick wasn’t available at the time.  Convinced that he was the only guy for the part, Carter says they looked at between 50 – 75 actors for the role of John Doggett before he became determined to get Robert.  An amicable parting with another studio, allowed him to join The X-Files.

2001 – He was awarded a Best Actor Saturn by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films for his first season on The X-Files.  In the same year, TV Guide (cable edition) named him one of the Ten Sexiest Men of Sci-Fi.

2002 – He made Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle for Sony, co-starred in an NBC TV movie, 1st To Die, based on a James Patterson best-selling novel, played a Baltimore City firefighter in the feature film, Ladder 49  and guest starred on both Lost and Law & Order SVU.

2006 – His TV series, The Unit, premiered on CBS on the 7th of March. The show, about US Army Special Forces operatives and their families, is executive produced by Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and the legendary playwright David Mamet.

2007 – He is currently in New Zealand filming the Disney movie, Bridge To Terabithia.

3.2 (64%) 25 votes