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Parnell, Charles Stewart

Born: 1846 AD
Died: 1891 AD
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1846 – Born in Avondale, County Wicklow on the 27th of June.

1805 – He published a pamphlet entitled Thoughts on the Causes of Popular Discontents, which was favorably noticed by Sydney Smith in the Edinburgh Review.

1867 – He found salvation as a Nationalist and even as a potential rebel over the execution of the "Manchester Martyrs" , but it was not until some years afterwards that he resolved to enter parliament.

1974 – At the general election of he desired to stand for the county of Wicklow, of which he was high sheriff at the time.

1875 – Charles Stewart Parnell was first elected to the House of Commons (The lower level of British legislature), as a Home Rule League MP for Meath, on the 21st of April.

1877 – Parnell entered on an organized course of obstruction. He and Joseph Gillis Biggar, one of his henchmen, were gradually joined by a small band of the mare advanced Home Rulers, and occasionally assisted up to a certain point by one or two English members.

1891 – He led, the agonies he endured, the labors he undertook from the beginning, travelling weekly to Ireland and intoxicating himself with the atmosphere of passionate nationalism in which he moved, would have broken down a much stronger man.

         – He took to his bed shortly after his return to his home at Brighton, and on the 6th of October he died.

2.1 (42.86%) 7 votes