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Parker, William

Born: 1575 AD
Died: 1622 AD
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1575 – He was born on this year.


1599 – He received knighthood when with Essex in Ireland.


1601 – He took part in the latter’s rebellion in London, when he was punished by imprisonment and a fine of £8000.


1605 -He received a summons to attend the parliament.


1605 – On the month of October of this year, he received the celebrated letter giving warning of the gunpowder plot, probably written by Francis Tresham.


1618 – He was summoned to parliament as Baron Morley and Monteagle. He died on the 1st of July 1622 at Great Hallingbury, Essex, where he was buried.


1622 – He died on the 1st day of January this year.









2.5 (50%) 4 votes