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Pardo, Manuel

Born: 1834 AD
Died: 1878 AD
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1834 – Born on August 9th in Lima, Peru. The president of Peru.

1843 – At the age of nineteen he was appointed by the government of General Jose Rufino Echenique chief clerk of the bureau of statistics.

1858 – He was elected a member of the board of charities, where he rendered great service.

1862 – He afterward engaged in agricultural pursuits, and founded the first bank in Lima.

1867 – During the yellow-fever epidemic in Lima,Pardo was appointed president of the Charitable society, and by his efforts and fearless self-exposure contributed to check the disease.

1868-1872 – He was elected president of the tribunal of commerce, and mayor of Lima, and by acclamation, became the candidate of the Liberal party for president.

1873 – He decreed that the great work of the naturalist and geographer, Antonio Raimondi, should be published at the expense of the government.

         – He arranged a treaty between the two republics, guaranteeing the integrity of their respective territories, and in his efforts to alleviate the financial difficulties of the country he promulgated a decree making the nitrate deposits of Tarapaca a government monopoly.

1874 – Nicolas de Pierola rose in arms in the department of Moquegua and occupied a strong position at the famous "Cuesta de los Angeles," but Pardo sent forces against him, and soon the revolution was quelled. Pardo’s administration will be long remembered, and he was the best president that Peru has known.

1976 – When his term of office came to an end, he was peacefully succeeded by General Mariano Prado.

         – Pardo was elected afterward to the senate, in which he continued as the leader of the popular or civilian party, and had become president of that body.

1878 – He was assassinated and died on November 16th.      

2.9 (57%) 20 votes