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Panitchpakdi, Supachai

Born: 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 72 years of age.
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1946 – Born in May 30th in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai banker and politician.

1963-1973 – Under scholarship from the Bank of Thailand, Dr. Supachai received his Master’s Degree in Econometrics, Development Planning and his Ph.D. in Economic Planning and Development at the Netherlands School of Economics (now known as Erasmus University) in Rotterdam.

         – Completed his doctoral dissertation on Human Resource Planning and Development under supervision of Professor Jan Tinbergen — the first Nobel laureate in economics.

1974 – Began his professional career at the Bank of Thailand, working initially in the Research Department.

1986 – During his tenure at the BOT, his expertise in economics and financial matters was widely recognized.

         – Relinquished his post as the Director of the Financial Institutions Supervision Department to run for Parliament.

         – With his notable track record at the BOT and his successful campaign, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance.

1988 – Was appointed Director and Advisor, and subsequently President, of the Thai Military Bank.

1992 – He was appointed Senator and led a sub-committee to draw up Thailand’s Seventh National Economic and Social Development Plan.

         – Dr. Supachai became Deputy Prime Minister entrusted with oversight of the country’s economic and trade policy making.

         – He first proposed the formation of ASEM at the East Asia Economic Forum in Singapore.

1997 – Appointed Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic policies, and Minister of Commerce.

1999 – He was elected Director General of World Trade Organization (WTO).

2000 – He was instrumental in the conceptualization of the New Zealand government private sector-sponsored Asia Foundation, of which he is Honorary Advisor.

         – Dr. Supachai was awarded the Nikkei Asia Prize (Regional Growth).

2001 – Appointed Visiting Professor of the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne.

2002 – He has published a number of books including Globalization and Trade in the New Millenium and China and the WTO: Changing China Changing World Trade (co-authored with Mark Clifford).

1.3 (25%) 4 votes