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Palmer, Robert

Born: 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.
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1940 – He was born on the 11th day of September this year.


1969 – He was one of the founders of Mostek Corporation, which was founded in this year by former employees of Texas Instruments. Mostek made logic, memory, and microprocessor chips.


1980 – The United Technologies Corporation (UTC) acquired Mostek Corporation, and Palmer became Executive Vice President of Semiconductor Operations.


1985 – Palmer joined Digital where he served in various executive positions.


1992 –He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President in October of this year.


1998 – He retired from his position. Palmer is also on the Board of Trustees of the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, a non-profit preventative medicine research and education organization.











2.7 (54.74%) 19 votes