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Paez, Jose Antonio

Born: 1790 AD
Died: 1873 AD
2.9 (57.62%) 42 votes

1790 – Born on June 13th in Aricagua, New Granada [now in Venezuela]. A soldier and politician, a leader in Venezuela’s independence movement and the nation’s first president.

1810 – He joined the revolutionary movement against Spain as the leader of a band of llaneros.

1821-1823 – Became the chief Venezuelan commander to Simón Bolívar, the liberator of northern South America, Páez and his men helped secure victories at Carabobo and Puerto Cabello that resulted in the complete withdrawal of the Spanish.

1826 – After rebelling against the authority of Gran Colombia, of which Venezuela was a province, Páez was appointed military and civilian head of his country.

1829 – He led the movement that resulted in Venezuela’s becoming a sovereign nation.

1831-1846 – He was elected president and controlled the country either as chief executive or as a power behind titular presidents.

         – His own candidate for president turned against him, and he was imprisoned and later forced into exile.

1861-1863 – He returned to Venezuela, ruling for a short period as a severely repressive dictator, only to be forced again into exile.

1867-1869 – He spent most of his remaining years in New York City, where he published his autobiography.

1873 – Died on May 7th in New York, New York.

2.9 (57.62%) 42 votes