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Pacino, Alfred James

Born: 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.
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US movie actor


starred in movies "The Godfather" 1972 (as Michael Corleone), "Serpico" 1973 (as Frank Serpico), "The Godfather: Part II" 1974 (as Michael Corleone), "Dog Day Afternoon" 1975 (as Sonny), "Scarface" 1983 (as Tony Montana), "Sea of Love" 1989 (as Frank Keller), "The Godfather: Part III" 1990 (as Michael Corleone), "Dick Tracy" 1990 (as Big Boy Caprice), "Frankie and Johnny" 1991 (as Johnny), "Scent of a Woman" 1992 (as Lt. Col. Frank Slade), "Glengarry Glen Ross" 1992 (as Ricky Roma), "Carlito's Way" 1993 (as Carlito), "Heat" 1995 (as Vincent Hanna), "City Hall" 1996 (as Mayor John Pappas), "Donnie Brasco" 1997 (as Lefty Ruggiero), "The Devil's Advocate" 1997 (as John Milton)


directed and starred in movie "Looking for Richard" 1996 (as himself and Richard III)

2.5 (50.34%) 29 votes