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Otto I

Born: 9121 AD
Died: 9730 AD
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912 – Born on November 23rd. German duke of Saxony, German king, and Holy Roman emperor, who consolidated the German Reich by his suppression of rebellious vassals and his decisive victory over the Hungarians.

930 – He married Edith, daughter of the English king Edward the Elder.

936 – Otto was elected king by the German dukes at Aachen on August 7th, a month after Henry’s death, and crowned by the archbishops of Mainz and Cologne.

939 – Otto’s younger brother Henry revolted; he was joined by Eberhard of Franconia and by Giselbert of Lotharingia and supported by the French king Louis IV. Otto was again victorious: Eberhard fell in battle, Giselbert was drowned in flight, and Henry submitted to his brother.

951 – Burgundian princess Adelaide, the widowed queen of Italy whom the margrave Berengar of Ivrea had taken prisoner, appealed to him for help, Otto marched into Italy, assumed the title of king of the Lombards, and married Adelaide himself.

961 – Otto procured the election and coronation of the six-year-old Otto II, his elder son by Adelaide, as German king.

962 – Arriving in Rome on February 2nd, Otto was crowned emperor, and 11 days later a treaty, known as the Privilegium Ottonianum, was concluded, to regulate relations between emperor and pope.

963 – Otto deposed John XII for treating with Berengar and set up Leo VIII as pope.

966-972 – When Leo VIII died, the Emperor chose John XIII for pope, but John was expelled by the Romans. Otto, therefore, marched for a third time to Italy, where he stayed.

973 – Died on May 7th in Memleben, Thuringia.

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