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Ossietzky, Carl von

Born: 1889 AD
Died: 1938 AD
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1889 – Born on October 3rd in Hamburg, Germany. German journalist and pacifist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

1912 – Ossietzky joined the German Peace Society but was conscripted into the army and served throughout World War I.

1920 – He became the society’s secretary in Berlin.

1922-1927 – Ossietzky helped to found the Nie Wieder Krieg (No More War) organization and became editor of the Weltbühne, a liberal political weekly, where in a series of articles he unmasked the Reichswehr (German army) leaders’ secret preparations for rearmament.

1931-1932 – Accused of treason, Ossietzky was sentenced in November to 18 months’ imprisonment but was granted amnesty in December.

1933 – By the time Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in January, Ossietzky had resumed his editorship, in which he uncompromisingly attacked the Nazis.

         – Steadfastly refusing to flee Germany, he was arrested on February 28th, and sent to Papenburg concentration camp.

1935 – Ossietzky was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. The award was interpreted as an expression of worldwide censure of Nazism.

1936 – After enduring three years of incarceration and torture in the camps, Ossietzky was transferred in May to a prison hospital in Berlin by the German government, which was growing alarmed at the international publicity his case had begun to attract.

1938 – Ossietzky was permitted to move to a private sanatorium where, his health broken, he died of illness on May 4th in Berlin.

2.1 (42.5%) 8 votes