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Osment, Haley Joel

Born: 1988 AD
Currently alive, at 30 years of age.
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1988 – Born on April 10th in Los Angeles, California.

1994 – He had landed a small but memorable role as Tom Hanks’ son in Forrest Gump and a starring role as Edward Asner’s grandson on the TV series "Thunder Alley".

1999 – Took the smash hit The Sixth Sense to brand the young actor on the public consciousness.

2000 – American child actor who at this writing has proven himself perhaps the best young actor of his generation.

         – Became the eighth-youngest nominee for a competitive Academy Award.

2001-2003 – He took a 2 years break from filming after Artificial Intelligence: AI, before making a brief comeback with Secondhand Lions, he had plenty of commitments during those 2 years of absence from the screen.

2006 – Fractured his right rib, right shoulder and received lacerations to his body when he lost control of his car and crashed into a brick mailbox.

3.4 (68.97%) 29 votes