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Olmos, Edward James

Born: 1947 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
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1947 – He was born on the 24th day of February this year in East Los Angeles, California to a Southern Baptist Mexican immigrant with 1/4 Hungarian Jewish ancestry.


1964 – He graduated from Montebello High School.


1968 – He branched out from music into acting, appearing in many small productions, until his big break portraying the narrator, called "El Pachuco", in the play Zoot Suit


1971 – He married Kaija Keel, the daughter of actor Howard Keel. They had two children, Bodie Olmos and Mico Olmos, before divorcing in 1992.


1981 – He took the role to the filmed version in this year.


1984 – He starred in his biggest role up to that date as the authoritative police Lieutenant Martin Castillo in the television series Miami Vice, for which he was awarded a Golden Globe and an Emmy.


1988 – In returning to film, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for the movie Stand and Deliver, portraying a real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante


1994 – He married actress Lorraine Bracco in this year, but she filed for divorce in January 2002 after five years of separation. He is currently married to Puerto Rican actress Lymari Nadal. He also has three adopted children.


1998 – He founded Latino Public Broadcasting and currently serves as its Chairman.


2000 –  He starred as the recently widowed father in a Latin L.A.-family, in the PBS drama American Family: Journey of Dreams.


2001 – He was arrested for taking part in the Navy-Vieques protests against States. He spent 20 days in prison.


2003 – He starred as Commander Adama in the Sci-fi Channel’s re-imagined Battle star Galactica miniseries and in the TV series that followed.


2006 – He produced and played the bit part of Julian Nava in the HBO movie Walkout about the 1968 Chicano Blowouts.


2007 – On the 5th of January 2007, Olmos appeared on Puerto Rican Television to blame the Puerto Rican and United States Governments for not cleaning the Island of Vieques after the United States Navy stopped using the island for bombing practice.















1.3 (26.67%) 3 votes