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Oates, Titus

Born: 1649 AD
Died: 1705 AD
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1649 – Born in Oakham on the 15th of September.

1677 – He got himself appointed as a chaplain of the ship Adventurer in the English navy.

1678 – On the 6th of September, Oates and Tonge approached Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, an Anglican magistrate.

         – On the 28th of September, he made 43 allegations against various members of Catholic religious orders  including 541 Jesuits and numerous Catholic nobles.

1678 – On the 5th of November, people burned effigies of the Pope instead of those of Guy Fawkes. At the end of the year the parliament passed a bill, a second Test Act, that excluded Catholics from membership of both Houses.

         – On the 24th of November, Oates claimed that the Queen was working with the King’s physician to poison him and enlisted the aid of "Captain" William Bedloe who was ready to say anything for money.

1681 – On the 31st of August 31, Oates was told to leave his apartments in Whitehall, but remained undeterred and denounced the King, the Duke of York and just about anyone he regarded as an opponent. He was arrested for sedition, sentenced to a fine of £100,000 and thrown into prison.

1688 – He was pardoned and granted a pension of £5 a week but his reputation did not significantly recover.

1705 – Died on the 12th of July or on the 13th of July.

2.6 (52.86%) 14 votes