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O'Toole, Peter Seamus

Born: 1933 AD
Currently alive, at 85 years of age.
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1932 – Born on the 2nd of August Galway, Ireland.


1949 – At the age of 17 O’Toole began his professional life as a journalist but soon realized a love for the theatre, which led to his stage debut.


1951 – He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where among his fellow classmates are the future acting stars Albert Finney, Alan Bates, and Tom Courtenay.


1959 – O’Toole did his film debut in Nicholas Ray’s The Savage Innocents.

1962 – He was selected to play T.E. Lawrence in the David Lean epic Lawrence of Arabia.


1963 – He starred in the title role of the National Theatre Company’s inaugural production of "Hamlet"


1964 – First of two Oscar-nominated turns as Henry II in "Becket"


1968 – Starred in “The Lion in Winter” with Katharine Hepburn. The next year, he starred in “Goodbye,” “Mr. Chips” and “The Ruling Class” after three years. He earned Oscar nominations for each.


1975 – He gave up drinking after his operation on his stomach in which part of his intestines were removed


1976 – Starred in the BBC-TV movie "Rogue Male."


1981 – This is the year of his American TV debut as the Roman general leading the siege at "Masada." He earned an Emmy nomination for his work in the ABC miniseries


1987 – Portrayed Reginald Johnston, tutor to the young Pu Yi, in Bernardo Bertolucci’s award-winning "The Last Emperor"


1989 – Marked his reputation as one of the last great British stage actors with his performance in Keith Waterhouse’s "Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell"


1993 – Wrote first part ("The Child") of his three-part autobiography "Loitering With Intent"


1996 – He acted the part of the Emperor of Lilliput in the NBC miniseries "Gulliver’s Travels"


1997 – Played Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in "Fairytale–A True Story"


1999 – He went back to the London stage for the revival of "Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell"


2003 -Awarded Honorary Oscar for his film work.


2007 – On the 25th of February, he received an Oscar’s Best Actor nomination in the movie Venus directed by Roger Michell.

2.8 (55%) 8 votes