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O'Neal, Shaquille Rashaun

Born: 1972 AD
Currently alive, at 46 years of age.
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Shaquille "Shaq" Rashaun O’Neal was born in Newark, NJ on March 6th 1972.  He grew up in Newark, New Jersey, San Antonio, Texas and in Germany when his step-father was stationed in Wildflecked West Germany.

In the early 1990s he studied business at Louisiana State University but dropped out after three years to go play for the Orlando Magic in the National Basketball Association.  While at LSU he was a two time All American and two time SEC player of the year. He later went back to school to get his Bachelors Degree, fulfilling a promise he had made to his mother when he left school.
In 1993, his first season in the NBA Shaq won Rookie of the Year as well as well as releasing his album "Shaq Diesel" which went Platinum.  The next year he  appeared in his first movie, "Blue Chips" about a scandal in college basketball with Nick Nolte.
Having narrowly missed being a part of the famous basketball Dream Team of the 1992 Olympics, Shaq was part of the United States Olympic Basketball Team in 1996.  Also in 1996 Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh had a daughter named Taahirah.  It was also in 1996 that, now as a free agent he signed a $120,000,000 contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.  It was with the Lakers that he played with Kobe Bryant.  Their relationship always seemed a bit rocky but it did enable the Los Angeles Lakers to win three consecutive NBA Championships before they fell too deep into the feud that would end up with Shaq being traded to the Miami Heat.

Shaq also made the movie, "Kazaam" in 1996 with himself in the title role.  In 1997 he was nominated for a Razzie Worst Actor for his role as John Henry Irons  / Steel in the movie "Steel." He has also appeared in "Freddy got Fingered" and "Scary Movie 4" as himself, "The Wash" and "Q."  He has also released several other Rap albums. He has appeared in the television shows "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Parkers," "My Wife and Kids," "The Cleveland Show," and "Johnny Bravo."

In 2002 Shaq married Shaunie Nelson. They have had four children together, Shareef Rashaun born in 2000, Amirah Sanaa born in 2002, Shaquir Rashaun born in 2003 and Me’arah Sanaa born in 2006.  They filed for a divorce in 2007 but later reconciled.  They filed for a divorce again in 2009.

Shaq has been named the national spokesperson for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, which works to protect children from online predators. He has also worked with several police forces, namely Los Angeles and Miami.  He has taken LA County’s Sheriff Reserve Academy training as well as taking reserve officer training for the Miami Beach Police and the Los Angeles Port Police.  He appeared in a commercial as a Miami Police officer on ESPN rescuing LSUs mascot from up in a tree.  He also has the honorary title of United States Deputy Marshall.  His actions have led to the arrest and charging of two suspects for a hate crime along with assault and aggravated battery in Miami.

3.6 (71.38%) 65 votes