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O'Flaherty, Liam

Born: 1896 AD
Died: 1984 AD
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1896 – Born on the 28th of August in Inishmore, Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland. Irish novelist and short-story writer whose works combine brutal naturalism, psychological analysis, poetry, and biting satire with an abiding respect for the courage and persistence of the Irish people.

1913 – He grew an aversion to Catholicism. He refused to take steps toward ordination and transferred to Blackrock College.

1917 – He left school and joined the Irish Guards regiment of the British Army.

       – At Langemarck, he was seriously wounded by a bomb shell. He was discharge, not from the physical wounds, which had by then healed, but for melancholia acuta.

1918 – He went on to fight in the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

1920 – Returned to Ireland. He became active in Communist activities.

1921 – He helped form the Communist Party of Ireland.

1922 – He soon joined the Irish Republican Army in an attempt to overthrow the Free State forces to no avail. On December 6th, the Free State was officially established. He lost his spirit of activism and turned his efforts to writing.

      – He edited and contributed to a number of left wing newspapers.

1923 – He published his first novel, "Thy Neighbors Wife".

1933 – He suffered from mental illness which most believe to be a result of the shock suffered in World War One.

1956 – His novels have not been met with much critical analysis over the last forty years because he stopped publishing work.

1984 – He died on the 7th of September in Dublin.

2.8 (56%) 35 votes