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Noyori, Ryoji

Born: 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.
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1938 – Born on the 3rd of September in Kobe, Japan. Japanese chemist who, with K. Barry Sharpless and William S. Knowles, won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for developing the first chiral catalysts.

1967 – Noyori earned a Ph.D. from Kyoto University.

1968 – He was appointed Associate Professor at Nagoya University.

1969-1970 – He spent a postdoctoral year at Harvard University with E. J. Corey.

1972 – He was a student of Kyoto University, working as an instructor in the research group of Hotosi Nozaki.

2000 – He assumed the directorship of the university’s Research Center for Materials Science.

2001 – He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

         – He shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with W. S. Knowles and K. B. Sharpless.

         – Noyori has pioneered the field of asymmetric catalysis based on organometallic chemistry and he continues to lead and shape the field. The principles and insights derived from his studies have served to illuminate important basic theses of chemical reactivity and stereoselectivity, opening up new directions in organic synthesis. Recently, he has pursued environmentally benign chemical synthesis that is known as “green chemistry”.

2003 – Ryoji Noyori is President of RIKEN and University Professor of Nagoya University.

2005 – He became Honorary Doctor at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

2006 – He became the chairman of the Education Rebuilding Council.

2.4 (48.57%) 7 votes