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Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1886 AD
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1811 – Noyes was born on the 3rd of September in Brattleboro, Vermont

         – Studied at Dartmouth College, Andover Theological Seminary, and Yale Theological College.

1834 – On the 20th of February, he declared himself Perfect and free from sin.

1847 – Noyes was arrested for adultery.

1848 – Founded Oneida community.

1879 – In June, one of Noyes’ most loyal followers alerted him that he was about to be arrested for statutory rape.

1881 – The Community formally dissolved and converted to a joint stock company on the 1st of January.

1886 – Died in Niagara Falls, Ontario on the 13th of  April.

1.5 (30%) 4 votes