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Nikisch, Arthur

Born: 1855 AD
Died: 1922 AD

1855 – Born on the  12th of October in  Lebenyi  Szentmiklos,  Austrian.

1878 – He  became second conductor of the Leipzig Opera.

1884 – He gave the premiere of Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony.

1885 – He married Amelie Heussner, a singer and actress.

1893 – He became conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

1895 – He succeeded Carl Reinecke as director of the Leipzig Gewandhaus  Orchestra.

1912 – He took the London Symphony Orchestra  to the United States for a European orchestra.

1913 – He made the first commercial recording of a complete symphony.

1922 – He died on the 23rd of January in Leipzig, Germany.