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Nicolas Francois Appert

Born: 1750 AD
Died: 1841 AD
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1750 – Born on the 17th of November in Chalons-sur-Marne, France.

1780 – He moved to Paris, where he excelled as a confectioner, delighting customers with his delicious pastries and candies.

1795 – The French government offered a prize of 12,000 francs to the person who could develop an effective method of preserving food. His solution was to put food in bottles, as is done with wine.

1804 – Opened the world’s first canning factory in the French town of Massy, south of Paris.

1809 – Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte; grateful to have a safe method of preserving food for troops in foreign lands; personally awarded Appert the prize of 12,000 francs.

1810 – He received a patent for creating a cylindrical canister made of iron coated with tin.

1841 – Died on the 3rd of June in Massy near Paris, France.

2.8 (56.92%) 26 votes