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Nicholas I

Born: 8200 AD
Died: 8671 AD
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820 – Pope Nicholas I was born.

844-847 – He entered the service of the Church at an early age, was made subdeacon by Pope Sergius II.

861 – Again appealing to the emperor, the archbishop was recommended by him to submit to the pope, which he did at the Roman Synod of November.

862 – At the Synod of Aachen on the 28th of April, the bishops of Lorraine approved this union, contrary to ecclesiastical law.

863 – At the Synod of Metz, June, the papal legates, bribed by the king, assented to the Aachen decision, and condemned the absent Theutberga.

         – The two archbishops, Günther of Cologne and Thietgaud of Trier, who had come to Rome as delegates, were summoned before the Lateran Synod of October, when the pope condemned and deposed them as well as John of Ravenna and Hagano of Bergamo.

867 – Died on the 13th of November.

2.7 (54%) 10 votes