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Neurath, Konstantin, Freiherr von

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1956 AD
3.2 (64.35%) 23 votes

1873 – Born on the 2nd of February in Wurttemberg, Germany.

1892 – He studied Law in Tubinqen and in Berlin.

1901 – He joined the Civil Service and worked for the Foreign Office in Berlin.

1903 – He was assigned to the Embassy in London as Vice-Consul.

1914 – He was sent to the embassy in Constantinople.

1916 – He served as an officer with an Infantry regiment.

1919 – He returned to diplomacy, being assigned to the embassy in Copenhagen as Minister.

1929 – He was considered for a post in the new Cabinet.

1932 – He was recalled to Germany and became Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1933 – He was involved in the German withdrawal from the League of Nations.

1937 – He was awarded a honorary rank of of Obergruppenfuhrer in the S.S. (Schutzstaffel).

1939 – He instituted German laws controlling the press and abolished political parties and trade unions.

1941 – He attempted to resign but it was not accepted .

1956 – He died on the 14th of  August in  Enzweihingen.

3.2 (64.35%) 23 votes