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Neisser, Albert Ludwig Siegmund

Born: 1855 AD
Died: 1916 AD

1855 – Born on the 22nd of January in Silesian.

1872 – He was a contemporary of another great name in the history of medicine.

1877 – He began to study medicine at the University of Breslau.

1879 – He was also the co-discoverer of the causative agent of leprosy.

1880 – He successfully stained the bacteria and announced his findings.

1882 – He worked as a dermatologist in the university hospital of Breslau.

1905 – He travelled to Java to study the possible transmission of Syphilis from Apes to Humans.

1910 – He was promoted to Professor Ordinarius of dermatology.

1916 – He died on the 30th of July in Breslau.