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Nathan, Matthew, Sir

Born: 1862 AD
Died: 1939 AD

1862 – Born on the 3rd of January in Paddington, England.

1880 – He was educated at Royal Military College.

1884 – He was sent to military expeditions to Sudan.

1889 – He was promoted to the position of Captain.

1896 – He became the secretary to the Colonial Defence Committee.

1899 – He  was appointed acting governor of  Sierra  Leone.

1903 – He  was appointed as Governor of Hong Kong.

1907 – He was credited with the establishment of a Central Urban Planning and Reconstruction Policy.

1909 – He was raised to a higher rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

1911 – He became the Chairman of the Board of Ireland Revenue.

1916 – He was appointed as secretary to the Ministry of Pension.

1920 – He was appointed Governor of Queensland.

1922 – He actively promoted British migration to Queensland.

1939 – He died on the 18th of April in England.