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Nash, Thomas

Born: 1567 AD
Died: 1601 AD
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1567 – Thomas Nash, born on the month of November in Lowestoft, a fishing port in eastern England, he was the third son of a clergyman called William Nashe. He was an English Elizabethan pamphleteer, poet and satirist. He was the son of the minister William Nashe and his wife Margaret.

1581 – At fourteen (not specially young for those days) he went up to Cambridge university, where he spent five years studying dry subjects like philosophy and Latin.

1586 – 1587 – Had helped other students put on a play (now lost) that evidently upset the university authorities.

1588 – Aged almost twenty-one, he quit Cambridge for London.

1592 – Wrote Pierce Penilesse, a short book about a writer so sick of being broke he decides to try a new patron, the Devil.

1593 – He was jailed by the London authorities for criticising them in a religious pamphlet, Christ’s Tears, ending up in Newgate where forgotten prisoners could easily die of hunger and disease.

1601 – He died aged about 33, nobody quite knows when or where.

3.2 (63.16%) 19 votes