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Nash John

Born: 1752 AD
Died: 1835 AD
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1752 – Born in Lambeth, London.

1783 – He lost much of his fortune through bad investments and was declared bankrupt.

1792 – Nash felt able to return to work in London.

1811 – His work came to the attention of the Prince Regent who, commissioned him to develop an area then known as Marylebone Park.

1818 – Nash created a master plan for the area, put into action.

1812 – He was also a director of the Regent’s Canal Company set up in 1812 to provide a canal link from west London to the River Thames in the east.

1816 – He left its execution to one of his assistants, in this case James Morgan. The first phase of the Regent’s Canal opened.

1835 – On the 13th May, he died and was buried at St James Church, Cowes.

2.3 (45%) 4 votes