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Nansen, Fridtjof

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1930 AD

1861 – Born on the 10th of October in Christiania, Norway.

1882 – He made his first voyage to Greenland waters in a Sealing Ship.

1888 – He succeeded in crossing the Greenland Icefield.

1893 – He sailed to the Arctic in the "Fram".

1896 – He was awarded the Grand Cross of The Royal Norwegian.

1917 – He convinced the allies to allow essential food supplies to be brought through their blockade.

1920 – He sent home many prisoners of war, most being in Russia.

1921 – He did some more Humanitarian work.

1922 – He won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as a League of Nations High Commissioner.

1930 – Died on the 13th of May in Lysaker, Norway.