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Nabokov, Dmitri Nikolayevich

Born: 1826 AD
Died: 1904 AD
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1828 – Born on the 18th of August in Yasnaya Polyana,Russia.

1844 – He began studying law and Oriental languages at Kazan University.

1849 – He settled down at Yasnaya Polyana, where he attempted to be useful to his peasants.

1851 – He belong to his first attempt at a more ambitious and more definitely creative kind of writing.

1852 – He completed his first novel Childhood and sent it to Nikolai Nekrasov for publication in the Sovremennik.

1854 – He received his commission and was, at his request, transferred to the  Army Operatihg in Wallachia.

1856 – He passed between Petersburg, Moscow, Yasnaya, and foreign countries.

         – He made his first unsuccessful attempt to marry (Mlle Arseniev).

1860 – He traveled abroad and returned disillusioned by the selfishness and materialism of European bourgeois


1862 – He was widely considered the greatest living Russian author of the period.

          – He published a pedagogical magazine.

1910 – HE died on 20th of November in Astapovo Russia.

2.2 (44.47%) 103 votes