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Mylius-Erichsen, Ludvig

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1907 AD
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1872 – Born on the 15th of January in Ringkjobing County on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark.

1902-1904 – He formed the Danish Literary expedition.

1906-1908 – Mylius-Erichsen undertook and carried out the task of exploring and charting the entire coastline of unknown northeast Greenland.

         – Mylius-Erichsen’s own exploration disclosed the nonexistence of Peary’s Channel, and thus established the continuity of Greenland.

1907 – Mylius-Erichsen died of starvation, exhaustion, and cold on the 25th of November.

2.9 (58.57%) 28 votes