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Muir, Edwin

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1959 AD
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1887 – Edwin Muir, born on the 15th of May on a farm in Deerness on the Orkney Islands in the remote northeast of Scotland. He poet, novelist and translator.

1901 – When he was 14, his father lost his farm, and the family moved to Glasgow.

1919 – Married Willa Anderson, and the two moved to London.

1921 – 1923 – He lived in Prague, Dresden, Italy, Salzburg and Vienna.

1935 – He came to St Andrews, where he produced his controversial Scott and Scotland.

1946 – 1949 – He was Director of the British Council in Prague and Rome.

1950 – He saw his appointment as Warden of Newbattle Abbey College (a college for working class men) in Midlothian.

1955 – He was made Norton Professor of English at Harvard University.

1956 – He returned to England.

1959 – He died on the 3rd of January at Swaffam Priory, Cambridge and was buried near Cambridge.

1991 – He published seven volumes of poetry which were collected after his death and published as The Complete Poems of Edwin Muir.

2.3 (46.67%) 3 votes