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Muhammad (Muhhamad the Prophet, Mohammed, Mahomet, Abu l-Qasim;)

Born: 570 AD
Died: 632 AD, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: Saudi
Categories: Religious Leaders


570 - Born in Mekka, Arabia (now in Saudi Arabia). His full name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib ibn Hishim, his father had died before Muhammad was born. The caller of the religion of Islam and of the Muslim community.

576 - At six he lost his mother, Aminah of the clan of Zuhra.

578 - His grandfather died.

595 - He was in charge of the merchandise of a rich woman, Khad+jah of the clan of Asad, and so impressed her that she offered marriage.

619 - Muhammad's wife, Khad+jah, and his uncle Abu Talib died and another uncle, Abu Lahab, succeeded as head of the clan of Hashim.

610 - Muhammad had a vision of a majestic being (later identified with the angel Gabriel) and heard a voice saying to him, “You are the Messenger of Allah”.

- This marked the beginning of his career as messenger (or apostle) of Allah , or Prophet (nabi). From this time, at frequent intervals until his death, he received “revelations”—that is, verbal messages that Muslims believe, came directly from Allah.

613 - Muhammad began preaching publicly, and he and his followers spent their days together in the house of a young man named al-Arqam.

620-622 - Muhammad began negotiations with clans in Medina, leading to his emigration, or hijrah.

624 - He was able to lead about 315 men on a razzia to attack a wealthy Mekkan caravan returning from Syria as a compansation of muslims' confiscated fortunes in Mekka bythe Mekkans.

632 - He died on June 8th in Medina.


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