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Mott, Lucretia

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1880 AD
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1793 – Born on January 3rd. Lucretia Mott was born Lucretia Coffin. She was raised in a Quaker community in Massachusetts, "thoroughly imbued with women’s rights" (in her words).

1818 – She was serving as a minister in the Quacker religion.

1827 – She and her husband followed Elias Hicks in the "Great Separation", opposing the more evangelical and orthodox branch.

1840 – She was selected as a delegate to the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention in London, which she found controlled by anti-slavery factions opposed to public speaking and action by women.

1848 – The co-organizer of Seneca Falls Convention with Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

1850 – Lucretia Mott was a key organizer in the broader-based convention for women’s rights held in Rochester, New York, at the Unitarian Church.

         – Elected as the first president of the American Equal Rights Convention after the end of the Civil War, Lucretia Mott strove a few years later to reconcile the two factions that split over the priorities between woman suffrage and black male suffrage.

1880 – Lucretia Mott died on November 11th, twelve years after her husband’s death.

2.7 (54.4%) 25 votes