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Moses (Moyses, Moshe, Musa;)

Born: 1526 BC
Died: 1406 BC.

Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Authors, Political Leader, Religious Leaders


1526 BC - Born to Amram and Jochebed in Egypt.  Hebrews were forbidden to have male children, so Moses was hidden until at some point he was put out in a basket in the Nile River. 


            - There he was found by the Pharaoh's daughter and she took him in.


1486 BC - Killed an Egyptian to stop him from beating a Hebrew slave.  Fled to Midian.


            - Married Zipporah and lived as a shepherd in Midian.


1446 BC - Returned to Egypt to free the Hebrew people.


            - Performs ten signs before the pharaoh before he finally lets the people go.


            - Parted the Red Sea through the power of God so that the Hebrew people could walk through it on dry ground.


            - Received the Ten Commandments and Mosaic Law from God on Mt. Sinai.


            - Wrote the majority of the Pentateuch on the way to Kadesh-Barnea.


1445 BC - Sent the twelve spies into Canaan, but the people refuse to go in. 


            - Forced to lead the people to wander in the wilderness for forty years.


            - During this time, Moses leads the people in defeating the kings Sihon and Og.


1406 BC - Gave a final speech to the Hebrews (What we call the Book of Deuteronomy.) and wrote it down, completing the Pentateuch except for the final prose section completed by Joshua.


            - Died on Mt. Nebo.


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