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Morrison, Toni

Born: 1931 AD
Currently alive, at 87 years of age.
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1931 – She was born on the 18th day of February.


1949 – He entered Howard University to study humanities.


1955-57 – She became an English instructor at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.


1970 – Morrison wrote her first novel, The Bluest Eye, while raising two children and teaching at Howard University.


1973 – She wrote Sula, depicts two black woman friends and their community of Medallion, Ohio. It follows the lives of Sula, considered a threat against the community. The novel was nominated for the National Book Award.


1977 – She wrote Song of Solomon which brought her national attention. The book was a main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club (the first novel by a black writer to be so chosen since Richard Wright’s Native Son in 1940).


1981 – She wrote Tar baby. Tar Baby takes place at the Caribbean mansion of a white millionaire Valerian Street and focuses on the themes of racial identity, sexuality, class, and family dynamics.


1987 – She wrote Beloved. Beloved is loosely based on the life and legal case of Margaret Garner, an escaped slave who killed her child to prevent the child from being taken into slavery.


1992 – She writes Jazz. A haunting and lyrical book, Jazz uses an innovative narrative technique to echo the improvisational character of the eponymous musical form. It focuses on the story of an aging couple and the loss of love they experience.


1993 – She won the Nobel Prize award in Literature for her collected works.


1998 – She wrote Paradise. Paradise was the first novel released by Morrison following her receipt of the Nobel Prize for Literature.


2003 – She wrote Love, which is the story of Bill Cosey, a charismatic but dead hotel owner. Or rather, it is about the people around him, all affected by his life.












3.1 (61.82%) 11 votes